Saturday, April 17, 2010

Satur-New-day/ Happy Birthday Stephanie!

And she lives to talk about it! Go figure.
With an audio book plugged in ( The purpose driven life) and a delicious new little book in hand for breaks ( Key to living the law of attraction) I frog on. For those of you people who still dont know that term it is a quilting term for HOW THE HELL COULD I HAVE MADE THAT MISTAKE ANYWAY, and have to rip it out. ( rip it-rip it)
I suppose it can be said that you cant keep a good woman down. ( for long). For those of you on this emotional roller coaster with heartfelt sympathy and/or gratefullness.
Now, onto Saturday.........................................................................................................................

Happy Birthday to Stephanie! I miss them so much sometimes! It hits me and I just say ..."Idaho????" and move on. Hope you have a great day Steph! I couldnt find any recent pictures alone, so we have a group shot here! Stephanie, Moi` Karen, Julie...

When will I be finished de-stitching this beast of a double wedding ring? Oh I hope by tonight! hope hope. I really wanted to get to Costco today as I need a new phone system. Rid myself of one aggravation in life.
I cant wait to get back to quilting this as it was MOST fun screwing it up in the first place! I truly am missing the trip to the East coast shows this year. They provide so much inspiration and commoraderee ( spck). I am living vicariously through my friends there, and on Facebook. GRUNT.
I am also watching Heather in Hawaii ( hey new chapter!) and wondering if I will EVER be able to go again. I am listening to Rudys new repetoire of "hey! How are ya, I love ya! wanna bite?" So misleading eh? lol One never knows with him if he actually wants a bite, or wants TO BITE. I finally moved his tree into the shop to spend time with me. Its very cute to hear him say "Mama Sew". Not so cute to hear him call me a "dumbass".  Which by last evening I was tired and sore, eyes teary from strain, and I just wanted to throw him in the cook pot. I'm telling you this bird absolutley KNOWS stuff!. It is very uncanny how he can read my moods, (or screw ups) and speak accordingly to them. Right now, Im in a good mood, having a second cuppa on the side patio, and he is next to me going through all of his songs trying to get some "good boyz" out of me! ( I am ignoring him).
I tried to do a new youtube of him but he saw the camera and started tweeting like a bird. ( birds cant talk is what he really means). dang bird. I put the camera away, and he begins his best impressions of Walt.
Hey do you want to see a really cute new picture that was in my email this morning? huhuhuhuh?

So I should get back to frogalot ya think? okay. Have a nice week end.. I want to be out here in the vitamin D land!!!

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Vicki W said...

It seems like you have been frogging FOREVER! What the heck went wrong?

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