Monday, April 19, 2010

Marvelous Monday, Begin Again!

                                                  A fun easy read while on a short "save the legs" break.

The Woman who wrote this has such a sweet spirit. I think it so cool to be able to say that. Pick that out. I get quite a tickle to come across a person that I can KNOW this immedietley about them. I wonder if ever someone will say this about me. I shall strive for this, me thinks. My Sis, Kelly = sweet spirit.  You KNOW this, upon meeting her. Me? I dont think sweet would best descibe me...LOL, My Mom? Nope... sweet n sour maybe. I miss my Mom. I wonder if she is an angel for me. I wonder if Munz is. enuf of that!
How are ya? I had a frogging weekend Im sure you know! I am reloading her today, everyone pray. I still contend that this fabric is wonky, ( fat back for a king) I hate clamping it all over to keep it straight, but this load gets the full treatment for sure! I cannot invest another week of ripping. Besides, I am itching to move on now. Not sure if the inspiration is coming from MQX, MQS shows, but I want to quilt as opposed to cook, and THATS a good thing! So I'm off! With an attitude of gratitude, make it a good day:)
PS: I cant wait for Robin Hood OR, RUSSELL CROWEEEEEEEE ( sorry, had to squeel)

* Good reads (and listens)
*new phone! eliminate ONE aggravation
*no accidents while frogging
*Costco Rotissere chicken! Man what u can do with 5 bucks!
*the ability to pretend
*Kid calls:)
* a laptop nearby for laziness:)


Anonymous said...

"sweet" may not be the word for you but "wonderful" surely is!

marilyn said...

Good Luck with the quilt. Glad to hear that your
wanting to be quilting, that is surely a great sign of
things to come. You just wouldn't be Gina if you
were described as sweet, I know that I wouldn't
enjoy your blog as much. You are UNIQUE !

Vicki W said...

Yay! The frogging is done!!!

Gretchen said...

hope round 2 goes smoothly, no more frogging!

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