Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas?

Yes, Blima CAN belly dance!
While Morrocan food is good, and so is the entertainment, I dont like thier furniture. I think it may have been made for dwarfs. Dwarfs who do not use cutlery. Whats the deal with that? Sushi, I understand... this... hmmmmm

                                               Yes, Walt found a Caberet Queen on the old Strip. We HAD the Fremont Experiance. I spent all of my time trying to find the Rat Pack.  grunt.
And yes, I have been known to chase down a WeinerMobile or 2. I wanted to see the driver!!Do you suppose there is a potty in here? A bed? A hot dog cooker? Is it a modified Airstream RV unit? Things to ponder on Hwy 58.
In fact, I want to be a driver! When I was a kid I would follow this rig on the TV commercials hoping with all of my might that it would come to my city! ( kinda reminds me of that red rider bee bee gun kid...Ralphy!)  ::;;jotting down on bucket list:::

And I want one of these to ride on too.

Aint she cute? Blima, NOT the Alpaca... ok.... shes cute too...

And you can bet your sweet bippy that i will never wear ZEBRA again!

Now here's the shot of the day! LOL


The Sarah Bear said...

I happen to know that Ms. G can belly dance too!!! If anyone wants proof just let me know. I have video ::wink::
Granted, if I show anyone I think Gina will disown me.

Anonymous said...

I need to see that please.

Gina email me more pictures for my roadtrip file.

LU, B.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Heather didn't get videos of me belly dancing! (Not yet, anyway.) xoxo Laura

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