Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just A Buncha Morning Cobwebs

Mornin`. I spoke too soon. More stupid rain is coming. We dropped 20 degrees overnight. Did I transplant this time to Oregon? MERCY!! ENOUGH!!

Lets see... Wake up. WOW. I feel asleep 10 minutes before the ENDING of 24 and I dont know WTH happened!(this is my wake up ponder). Moving right along listening intently to the morning news, congratulations to Maldonado for appointment to L Gov finally.
I find myself with no blogabout this morning? Hows that happen? Maybe this DWR quilt has me in a knot because I can think of little else these days. Ok, thats so not true as I have about 50 things RUNNING through my head as I type! I think I need a hammock swing meditation, 10 minutes should do it! Either that or make a Dean Martin Playlist and go to work. You peoples like Deano? I do too. I love so many genres of music that my tastes cannot be defined. Its all about the MOOD!! Much like waking up to needing a warm tortilla with butter, sometimes I need the rat pack, or Wayne Newton, even Englebert Humperdink! I think it has a great deal to do with needing my Mama to tell you the truth. I kinda know where to find her spirit.  Sometimes cooking, sometimes sewing, and yep, sometimes belting out Red Roses For A Blue Lady will do the trick in a heartbeat. I wish I could say the same when I try to hunt down some time with James. When I do, it will be a glorious day indeed.  Whoa.... clic
So I had my monthly fun of sending out packages last week. I have heard from a few recipients and it really gives me a tickle. It isnt really a big deal, but its what I like to do. I got my sis the CUTEST pair of salad tongs in the shape of a Giraffee at the quilt show, and I know she will squeel like a pig when she sees them. I wonder what the postal guy thinks when I show up with a buncha lil packages all the time....LOL
What you peoples making for dinner tonight? I need to stick my head in the freezer and find something calling me. OH! I know! I feel like FRESH::::::moving over to growing list::::: I will pick up some scallops and thrill myself tonight! I love those little butterballs! ( I know u are totally rethinking WHY you popped in this morning eh?) ROFL... This unfortunatly is HOW I wake up! THIS is why I cannot put all the chapters together to form a real book to publish because basically I am all over the map simply chatting with readers! I DO have a novel, 7 whole chapters, cant seem to get back to that. Someday....right after all the UFO's, cookbooks, everything on the bucket list...wow, now I am really anxious! I better go to work! Have a great Tuesday, maybe I'll be back at Iced Tea 30.....grunt.
PS: I want some new make up, wanna go shopping?

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shirley said...

Girl...you make me laugh. LOL luv ya...shirley

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