Monday, April 12, 2010

M&M Happy End Of Spring Break!

With one of the fastest weeks in the history of fast weeks........... I made it! WE made it. Just after a whirlwind rendevous with Blima and Mike in Las Vegas, I made a mad dash to the valley for Aviana's 5th birthday party:) The bonus was Jake came too! I got home yesterday late afternoon and fell INTO THE SOFA.
We met up with a foodie friend Barb and her family too. I hadnt seen her in a few years so it was a real treat! I wanted so much to bring Blima home with me, but it will have to wait again. The time we shared was not enough, but wonderful. I decided that we have a good deal more fun without the men in tow:) ( not rocket science eh?)
We saw 4 shows in as may days. All of them diffrent TYES of shows, all exciting and great! I am so happy that we spent the extra for the nearly front row seating. We saw Cirq de soiel, LOVE Beatles revolution, ( Walts fav), Lion King, Jersey Boys, and Terry Fator. A lucky girl am I. FOUR!!!! FOUR OF THEM!!!
I have a mountain to climb this week in custom quilts, so I may not be around, but then again, I may need an outlet too!
I will post more pics when I can..Happy Monday everyone, Im going to work!

M & M's include:

SAFE TRAVEL with no tradgedies! ( Woohoo!!!!)
Wheel of fortune jackpots are hella fun! ( til u put it all back in)
Blima Blima Blima
Frozen foods to throw in the oven when exhausted!
great new shoes to walk LV in! ( u knew I would eh)
Quilt clients who will even meet you in route!
A great car that takes all I give her and keeps purring!


Anonymous said...

Yippie, a wonderful week away! Good for you, Gina.

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a nice vacation. Good picture of Blima. Why weren't you in the picture too?


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