Friday, April 23, 2010

Post A Prayer

I decided to put my desktop, and Mister prayer parrot on my sidebar. Just in case I forget to post in either ( beak or blog). I toyed with the whole adsense on sidebar and opted for serving in a different way.  I think it will get more facetime than adsense myself.  I am in hopes to update the beak entry of the day, (prayer, not pic) but you know how consistant I am not...:::insert frown:::
I am also working on my book ( s). I have started a new vision board, and first on that board is to get published! I finished listening/reading both books here in the shop. Living the laws of attraction, and  A purpose driven life. WOW, Way to juice YERSELF GEE!!! If I stick in a positive book each week there would be no stopping me right? LOL. It's so difficult to be me... really. But hey... ya gotta gemme an E for EFFORT right? Next book in the stereo is True Colors by Kristen Hannah. A fiction about sisters... we shall see. I have a long list to get to today, so thats it for now.. Have a great day Dear Blog Readers...

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