Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wine Reduction

"True silence is the rest of the mind;
it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body,
nourishment and refreshment."
William Penn

I wonder sometimes how to give my mind a glass of wine. Just one little chill out, one sip of Ahhhhh. I have seriously cut back on this guilty pleasure, for weight reduction but most importantly for this. I am trying to make a new habit of taking myself to that SAME restful spot through meditation and prayer. Today I am scratching things and saying, "hows that workin` for ya girl?". Well.....I have made it through the DWR stress week. I made it through 3 count em 3 new range deliveries, ( ALL WRONG).
Here's the bottom line. I dont care WHAT habit you have, its HARD to break it if its old and comfortable! ( & ya like it a lot). I figured out nearly to the day just how long I have drank a glass of wine ALMOST daily. ( i say almost because there have been sick days, underwear days, drive days...etc) For the most part, ALMOST daily since 1998!! The year I fell, remember? Before that, it was on a social occasion only that I had this guilty pleasure. I feel it nessesary to tell you that I was a size 8 at that time.
Now I have justified this pleasure with all that I know, and in fact, I still will. You can drink the one a day just as the doctors tell you to. That its healhty for you. My doctor tells me it aids in blood pressure reduction. IF you also do not mind the poundage that sneaks up on you every single year until you feel like the goodyear blimp! In fact, if you love to cook while drinking said glass, you need to expect to gain double the amount if not more.  While pondering all of these facts all that I can say is..... SHIT! ( no wonder Rudy says it eh?) So I have resolved myself to the fact that in order to be one with the universe, reduce wine weight, and break one of MANY habits that I own, I will have my guilty pleasure UNguiltily, only once in awhile. SHIT. For now I shall rely on quiet meditation, building skills to rest my mind without the help of my favorite past time.
Weight watchers tells me its 2 points. I wonder how many points while drinking with making the perfect Marsala sauce? I miss size 8. I was a clothes horse as opposed to a shoe horse. I was much cuter. I had more energy than my friend Vitamin D. I want it all back before I kick the bucket. I want it back without going through, or putting my loved ones through ANY form of weight loss surgery. I think that I have tried EVERYTHING, but this.
Dear Blog Readers, if I get out of line, just remind me to have some wine. Its your job.
PS: I WILL still cook with said wine, cannot deal without it!


Vicki W said...

Oh you aren't alone. We ALL have something that we need to change/eliminate/control. Mine is chocolate. I have put on 5 pounds since October because I've been too lazy to find proper substitutes for the wheat products that I can no longer eat. Want bread? Eat chocolate instead. I've GOT to stop! Tuesday I did really well. Yesterday, not so much. I am doing OK today so far.

Dianah said...

I am not feeling very Vitamin D. I am trying though. Are you going to WW? I joined again 2 weeks ago. Not doing too hot though.

Love YA!

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Whattaya mean you were cuter? Go have a glass of wine. Oh, and a chocolate bar too. Maybe dip the chocolate in the wine? o.k., bum idea.

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