Friday, March 11, 2011

Arroyo Grande=Big Ditch For Tsunami Wave?

"Experience is not what happens to a woman. It is what a woman does with what happens to her."Aldous Huxley

I must live further inland now to avoid evacuations at the beach! LOL
Sorry.. NOT funny I know. This is specificaly the reason I have always gotten a home at least a mile UPHILL from the surf! I WAS going to go to my favorite shoe shop today on the beach dang it! I have been watching the news since 5 AM and its just devastating :( We havent had sirens go off yet but they are telling us to listen up. All of the piers are closed and all beach areas are closed and being evacuated. We are now too far inland for concern, but thanks so much for all the calls and emails. Rest assured
4 of the five cities are being sent to Walmart in Arroyo Grande... :::MY town:::: well, sorta.
Ma says that Arroyo Grande means :::big ditch:: I was wondering all these years if it means AFTER the tsunami hits... Can you imagine?
The local pictures on the news are nothing short of an amazement, and the tide is so far out its just an awesome haunt. They are expecting a 7. 7 wave event. I still dont understand the whole "event" terminalogy, Morro Bay a 3. 5 wave event. I'm still on the WOW feeling right now.
 I have much progress going on here and the studio is up and running! Its organized chaos, but DOABLE. For this, I am happy. On that note, I better get back to it! I will come back with edits on a break to catch you up! Stop worrying!


Rian said...

How interesting! Imagine all those campers and motor homes down in Pismo and on the dunes. Hope they get the warning info in time.

Lindah said...

I'm glad you are high and dry! The force/power of water can be a terrible thing. Tsunami on the west coast; flooding in the northeast. We are too near this river for my liking, but much further away would put us in the wildfire zone. :-p
Stay safe. Enjoy quilting.

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