Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eye Dew Review By Me, G.

"Freedom lies in being bold."

Robert Frost

One would think this would be refreshing for those insufferable morning puffiness days. Not so fast! I have now used them for the damned sinus infection swollenness top and bottom!
My Dear Daughter sent these to me last month. I think she thought I needed a spa treatment? I didn't try them until I just couldn't LOOK at myself in the mirror any longer out of sheer horror of resembling Rocky Balboa's kid sister! As I stood at that mirror behind me in the reflection hung these lil patches of heaven:) I really had nothing to lose but FATNESS! Now on the directions it reads to use below the eyes for puffyness. Now me, being the curious one that I am had to play around with this recipe. I put them in the refrigerator for an hour and used above my eyes and below as well. They went on super simply and to my delight, stayed there! I wasn't about to skip a beat so I kept walking and ::unpacking::: and wow... kept them on!
After a good hour or so I removed them and ran straight for the mirror and moisturizer, expecting to fix something. Not only did they work like a poultice of ibuprofen diminishing the swelling drastically, but it felt great too! (oh man next time I have a crying jag you know what I'm reaching for!)
I want these everyday. With coffee and blogging. No one would see right? What a wonderful routine!
All natural ingredients, no hemmroidal creme necessary (another blogabout no doubt). A bit pricy, but its not botoxy? I bet this will be great after a heavy drinking quilting day!
Thank you KareBear.. send Mama Mo!

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Anonymous said...

send me some too, can i put them on my thighs?

LU, B.

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