Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Caught Red Handed Contest

"Character is simply habit long enough continued."Plutarch

Oh I have MORE than one picture of this little one caught red handed, but I just crack up everytime I see this one. I have entered her/us into a contest from Single Dad Laughing. Please go see and vote for her UBER funny caught red handed pic!!! Fiercly independant she wants to administer her DESITIN treatment herself thanks!

Second cuppa thoughts.........because I can:) I got to sleep in today and guess what I discovered? My usually dragging butt behind was up and speed racing through the house a lot sooner! I cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, made my list, ate some protein, took out the trash, made a few sticki reminders, did the parrot prayers, and SHEESH< made fresh coffee and Im back! Maybe I really am recovering from the move? Maybe the antibiotics kicked in? Maybe I DID need more sleep!!!
I had my dr. follow up yesterday. I didnt tell ya, but it IS TELL ALL TUESDAYS right? grunt.
I finally figured out why I go to the doctor kicking and screaming. Yep yep yep... Its because the outcome is always anxiety! Every single time! Do you remember last summers BIG C SCARE? Well I do! Now, from a silly sinus infection, comes more of the same,(its still with me)  the unhealthy private part reaction to said antibiotics came over for a visit to. Two new blood tests ordered because of diabetes suspect, BP meds changed because its not controlled, changed my hormone meds cause she can.....and to top it all off, she put me on yet another diet! (No Whites At Night, Dr Gavin M.D.)
Mufasa thinks I havent been taking good care of myself like I told Ma last month. Ok, maybe he is right. In my defense, i am having a rough patch of life eh, but its shaping up? So must I. PS: I dont WANT a colon sceening test!!! ( kicking and screaming they are going to make me go:(
I want to just stay age 40 all my life. Yes 40. Ahhhh the good years...lol
So this new diet... like I havent tried them all right? I will read this book today in between appointments and box patrol. I have read the excerpts and now I understand why old people eat dinner so early, now I'm going to be one of them. GRUNT. The good doctor says its her "go to" live it program citing the ease of DQL with it on board.  I will get back to ya on that. Wish me luck! Ok, enough chit chat... much to do today, have a good one!
Go vote for Avi's pic up there!

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Rian said...

Give us the skinny on the diet when you dig into the details, 'kay? Cuz there is at least one of us out here who would like to take the journey with you.

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