Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blue Unsuede Shoes

"If we don't change, we don't grow.
 If we don't grow, we are not really living.
Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."
Gail Sheehy

Did I mention how tired I am? I need a mani/pedi day! I cannot keep my flops looking good in these toe fangs. I actually apologized to my Ed Hardy flops this morning... wierd, I know.
Unpacking is moving right along. I have such a sense of urgency to be settled that I am over taxing the ole` body. ( dont go there). I dont think that my pink eye ever cleared up either because I kinda resemble Rocky Balboa's kid sister today. No kidding... swollen over my eye and i can SEE the lid! I will hunt down a doctor tomorrow for sure. Between that and the back and hip soreness I'm not complaining... no I'm not!
We got the COOLEST new shelving system for my computer area yesterday! I will shoot and show you tomorrow as they are going up as we speak. I cant wait for the music to be re installed and liven up the joint:) Actually, I have found myself "itching" to quilt and in this mess, it just wont be happening YET, but I'm all over it! I am rather glad to be itching to resume quilting... :::sigh::: what a good feeling that is.
We are finding that storage solutions present quilte the problem here. I have no idea why as it is enough square feet? Where's the container store when a girl needs one anyway? Target just isnt footing the bill this time. I am finding myself jumping from one box to the next today. Bathroom vs kitchen vs shop...etc etc etc.... It must be in part because of the annoying eye issue right? Maybe I need time off for good behavior and go exploring? OKAY! A MANI/PEDI IT IS!
I'll chat ya'll up tomorrow:)

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