Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pink Eye My Eye

Skipped the flops in favor of the slippers today!

Its not Pink Eye! Its a ding dang Sinus infection gone ROGUE! Only me right? No wonder I feel like crap! LOL I like the new doctor that I found. I didn't like her lil giggle when I TOLD her it was pink eye... Who knew? So I'm all infected everywhere, and my BP was up. She added another med to my med... call me Med Woman now. Grunt. I am even MORE swollen this morning:::sniff sniff:::: sipping my coffee feeling sorry for myself? Pity party for one? ONLY because I just don't have the go go juice to keep going and I must! I'm in a mess here!
Mufasa is taking good care of me as much as he can in between work anyway. He can cook a mean chicken pot pie! LOL As he lined up vitamins before he left this morning I figured that he thinks I ran myself down too. I should have been alerted to this growing infection a month ago when I had a head cold. grunt. I think I'll freshen the coffee and walk around the house trying to find some Mo Jo:) Have a great day!
PS: I want an almond croissant:(


Freda said...

Hope you feel better soon Gina. You aren't the only one that gets the infection in the eye. I went to a eye doctor for two weeks, used two different eye drops then got a roaring ear ache that led to the discovery of the sinus infection. It has really taken hold when you get those symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!!!!!!

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