Thursday, March 3, 2011

News From Home Front!

"Forget past mistakes. Forget failures.
Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it."William C. Durant


Hi Honies I'm home! No really... I'm home! I am so doing the happy dance inside right about now too! Last night by 8 PM Charter breathed life back into 5 boxes in this house! We have lift off! Today, I am still under a mound of organized rubble, but I have a cuppa, a scoop of cottage cheese, a warm robe, central coast TV on, and the Internet! (and I'm home). My only wish is that my body would fully co operate. It is fighting me all the way. Owies on board, bruises a plenty, and several miles to go before the mission is accomplished and I can see NO MORE boxes.
Ah... theres just so much to say I don't know where to begin. Shall I tell you about everyone BUT me getting sick last week??? Naaaaa..... Today is officially day 7 from the opening day move ceremonies of delivering the refrigerator to Heathers house. By the way... while I'm on that.. thanks so much Heather for checking in and guest blogging for me!! I do so love your wit. I DO NOT love the content (of said blogabout) because it does so many things to me. Riles me up!!! Come be my neighbor? Please? I miss you already, and I missed you most last night. Wednesday night. OUR night. I loved Sarah in her new Renaissance dress and ya did good Buttercup!  I missed Aviana's green spirit day too... damn it.. she looked like a lil Italian leprechaun....I'm not exactly sure how to handle a few things like that yet, but I will.CLIC
I am on the case exploring around here and much to my delight I SCORED with this place! I was in search of a Post Office and stumbled in here for a coffee booster-upper. Whoa... my first impression was french baked goods, a whiff of fresh coffee, wine hanging off the walls,and a bunch of lap topping going on around me! I said HEY!!! I found a hang out!!! I ordered up the daily Quiche and an Italian roast Cuppa and plotted my take home choices. A long braid of white and wheat bread... L.O.V.E.D. it! ( so did Walt I might add).  I left with a smile and my all time favorite compliment, "I'll be back!"
Last night was also another first! First meal cooked! It took me THAT long to unpack the kitchen!! I made the Italian sausage tortellini soup since its still quite rainy here. Hit the spot too. I have only 3 homeless Pots/roasters...I can either give up cooking BIG, or snag a spot in Mufasa's garage?
I am certain that within the month of March, all will settle and I'll find my clothes,shoes. I have flat WORN OUT my sneakers, and frankly, I'm sicka looking at `em! I tore up 4 boxes at 2 AM just hunting down the Ibuprofen pills! It was a very COLD night in my nothins too! Hey! it snowed on the way over too! 28 degrees, convoy to the coast we hit flurries??????? WTH???????? Ya know..... I have seen enough rain in 6 months to last the rest of my life.... just sayin???
Ok.. enough jibber jabber.. I must press on. Good to be back with my BFF's in Da box! I will post pics when I can, and I'll see ya when I see ya! ( my Munz favorite sentiment:)
LYG! ( G's fav Good Mornin'!


The Sarah Bear said...

I miss you too and lastnight was no good for me. I was unproductive and grouchy. Told Kim I was gonna keep on with the SNB night. He said, "You gonna bitch to yourself in the kitchen" and I said, "Damnit, yes I am!"

Gina, I even bought another pattern. I miss you.

Sorry about blog post - I thought it was good, but I think you lost half your readers. Well, good in a bad way, but still good.

Love you,

Mama Pea said...

Congrats! Moving is hard work, but I'm glad you are feeling more "at home!"

Lindah said...

It sounds like things are moving along there, one box atta time. If the kitchen is open, the rest will follow ok. Looks/sounds like a nice hangout with all the good bakery stuff.
I'm looking forward to more pics as time goes on. Enjoy getting settled "at home."

Anonymous said...

Gina - it's so good to "hear" you sounding so upbeat and happy. It's been a while and you sure deserve it.

Sharyn in GA

Anonymous said...

Thanks you guys, I have decided that i will take physical pain over emotional pain ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!
Happy to be home, mess and all:)
Heather, do an all call for SnB at your place, It will be fun:)

Doc said...

I would call who? LOL! I would put them where? Until Starbucks adds a cutting table to their outside seating area and outlets for machines - I am a one woman show in the kitchen.

Doc said...

WHOA! I am not DOC - but apparantly I am logged on as him! LOL! He, of course, is my guitar playin' hubby - not some random hacked google account.

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