Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Shawn! M & M's

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."Sir Winston Churchill

Good Monday morning! I was looking for my MM label and I see that I REALLY need a Happy Birthday label! I think I have many grands! Isnt that great?? Time marches on and while parts of that bothers me, this part does not.
Much love to give and get here oh boy:)This photo looks so much like his Dad (Jake) in his 4 year old preschool picture. He is every bit as much a curtain climber as his Dad too! (And then some!)
I have a mind list going today. Trying not to push the panic butoon. I think we took the weekend to be lazy. It rained and rained (still raining) so we werent up to speed with putting the house in order.You know what that means for Monday right? Doubletime! I think I'll go put on chicken and dumplins too. That always sounds so good in the rain. BTW, When is the dang rain going to let up? I think its following me! I know that I may be begging for that wet weather come summer right?
I want to squeeze in some tee shirt quilt time today too. I must say that I am not yet into the swing of things yet for work, but damn I'm trying! I need to get the house to a point where I feel that organized chaos as opposed to pure We did the Costco trip and brought MORE into the house to organize so that hits the list too. I am just downright pissed at the rise in food costs as well as gasoline. I tried Food4Less and found that they lie? Do you know that Target coffee is cheaper than Food4less and Costco beats them both? I personally think I tie up funds at Costco buying in bulk, however I just cannot beat the "bundled " savings that it nets. Not to mention the huge differance in quality of meats. It just isnt easy going to the 500 dollar store! Grunt.

I need more coffee and a clipboard!

MM include:
Costco stock up trips
TV's all over on different channels to follow all of the crazy happenings in the world right now.
My road hugging, gas piggy, mini tank of a car
Impromptu Sew in Days
New pics of my Grands
The new Polenta recipe I am working on... get ready to swoon!

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