Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hump Day Happenings

I'm feeling better! Ready to do battle again! :::So I put on my feel good flops:::: Amazing what antibiotics can do right? I am still swollen but now I think the drain is on... I like it. well, not really, but happy about it anyway.
The shops coming together nicely. Today I tackle the thread wall. ( film at 11) I ll take you round the mess in pictures when I'm near finished K? I am working with such a small space its actually causing me to think outside the box (es) and find better storage solutions. Mufasa and I team great as I dream it up and point, and he analyzes and makes it happen:) I cant figure out my quilt top hanging yet, OR the stencils. My wall space is all gone and I have but one little front closet. I need some Heather creativity in here I tell ya. She is the master of new innovative ideas!
I personally think I need to have a huge sale on notions and fat quarters! Either that or get busy making more tops! At least make the "scheduled" tops right? I had to get into my Jamie bins and re sort to maximize space and it took me down yesterday. I stuck my entire body into the pile and rolled like the damn dog in his clothes. His scent over powered me and I was happy, yet I died another day. I must say that it was a quicker recovery than past falls. For that I am okay. Hmmm... O.K.A.Y. What a word right? I have been trying to be okay for so long. Ok, enough... clic
We are doing THIS shop without adding anything new. READ: no expense. Believe me, it isnt easy. I am just thrilled having found such a sale on the new office shelving! For all of the rest, we are reusing, reducing, and yep, recycling. ( good gravy shes gone green). Necessity I say....or ... no money honey? I choose this time to save for all espresso furniture, shelving, So even if my stark white tool bench sticks out like a sore thumb, its OK too. Ya gotta know its all been around the block a time or two right? If you are a follower, you KNOW it! lol
Ok, I'm coffee'd up and ready for work! Thanks for the chat, love yer guts, and have a great day:)
PS: Found THEE best pizza joint in town! Woo hoo!

Nardonnes LA Famiglia Pizzeria


Lindah said...

So glad you're feeling better. And the progress you're making! But, don't overdo. Give the bod' a chance to beat those ol' bugs.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the meds are kicking in!! Maybe you could paint your white stuff dark brown to match the other fix! I am the queen of cheap!!

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