Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bring On ANY Quilt, BUT..........

"Excellence is not an act but a habit.
The things you do the most are the things you will do the best."
Marva Collins

Now ya know she REALLY landed when the quilting comes out yes? Of course you do! First out of my closet is a "sort of" restoration. A friend of a friend of a friend kinda thingy. Here's what NOT to do when you send me a beloved quilt. I will and DO however take on any challenge, (cause that's how I roll) however some things just aren't necessary ya know?
You do not have to wrestle this baby down and sandwich it for I have the technology! Just bring me the masterpiece of a top, and the backing, I'll take it from there!

I know that you would LIKE to be finished with the beast, but please restrain yourself from binding it before I get to it. Puckers are not allowed at G's shop. See FAQ's at

I see your lovely try at hand quilting the piano keys, but try as I may.....I really cannot duplicate this?
 All you peoples know how I love restorations and sentimental projects but KISS. ( keep it simple silly) just for me:)
PS: Please remember that ditching for a longarmer is not the easy quilting technique as it is for you on a domestic machine. On our machines the head moves, not the fabric. On domestics, vice versa. Ditching for me (could be US) requires a steady surgical hand, achieved only with wine, and its not noon yet. ( that's some serious BS but sounded good at the time).
Having said all of this, I love all of your quilts, and yer guts... off to turn on the tunes and sew some straight lines.....


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the effort!!! LOL...

Nichol said...

My domestic is in the shop for service, but when I get it back I will be assembling a couple quilts that I need to send your way! One of my sista and one for my sista in law! :) and don't worry....I won't be binding it until you send it back! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OMG Gina, I actually had a lady bring me a quilt already binded, and basted...she thought if she had this done ahead of time, I would give her a discount!!! I feel for you Gina!

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