Friday, March 4, 2011

I Found My Shoes!

"Think it more satisfactory to live richly than die rich." 
Sir Thomas Browne

Day ONE of flip flopping kinda wearing! Remember I told you peoples how I had dozens of flops that could now longer be worn? Hey hey hey! Revisions! I decided on the utilitarian "go to" black Croc flops today. Whatever well I wear tomorrow? ( said in my beset Scarlet drawl) Please do not call the Pedi Police on me as it has been a VERY long month! ::and yes, they DO grow that fast!So does the hair! ::: At any rate, I'll get to it... sooner or later eh?
Here's one for ya.. not too flattering either I might add... but... just keeping it real right? Tearing down a home AND a studio is NOT an easy task! ( but still she smiles, alert the media)
D.A.W.G. Tired!!!!

Last night for Stitch and Bitch, one day before Moving truck arrives, Heather completes Sarah's Renaissance dress, and I packed the contents of the china cabinet! Well, I sewed some too... hush.....
I hate to be so quick, but duty calls and I gotta tell ya that I am HIGH anxiety over the mess around here. Putting a home AND a studio together isn't easy either!!! I will snap as I go... hopefully... hey! Here's an idea! How about a Flop a day??? Which ones will she wear??? I know I know, who cares.....LOL
Have a TGIF kind of day... I'm making the Pioneer Woman's fast n furious Marlboro mans pork chops!


Carole Anne said...

Soo envious of the flip-flops here in Nevada!!! Good for you relocating to where you feel at home. The coast sounds wonderful. Happy for you!

Anonymous said...

You sound HAPPY! Tired but HAPPY. :-)

Karen A.

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