Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bridge Walk

"When we long for life without difficulties,
remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds
 and diamonds are made under pressure."Peter Marshall

Good Lord, I must be a chocolate diamond cuddled up in the bend of the tallest oak tree out back!
:::or just full of myself, one:::
Mornin`! How are ya? I am alive! The jury was out on that btw after getting my new much needed bridge installed yesterday. Now I don't understand why normal people just go in and get their teeth done with no incident. Mine? Drama EVERY step of the way! Be it money, insurance woes, PAIN, gum grafting and yes even death. I am so far from normal there must be a huge plan for the rest of my life! Here's the back story:
After nearly one years worth of a battle to bridge 3 lil teeth, I am so close to the DAY I can fry up a cowboy pork chop and gnaw it to the bone. I have waited, fought, bawled, and yes poligripped my way around this bear of a journey. I am excited and proud to have survived this (TOO). Monday is the day. The sun is about to come out, all rain be damned, and I can chew once again!
 Then.....I get this call on Friday. Of course its the dentist. I froze. WTH? Insurance issues again? Maybe the lab screwed up the fitting? There was an earthquake that obliterated my toof?? WHAT???
Oh nooooo much worse than that! My poor dentist, a young 50 yr old slender healthy man, just passed out at work and died. Thought to be a brain aneurysm, the man is gone, and all I can think about is my stupid bridge installation??? Oh Gina.....
I spent the entire raining week end with this on my mind. They were trying to find a substitute to take his appointments. Might a stranger be in my mouth? Those of you that know me well understand my fear of dentists. I don't bite, however I do throw up . A lot.
Monday showed up, so did the sunshine, and a substitute dentist. The very same temporary bridge that wouldn't stay put all winter long was now about to be SAWED off by a stranger. I heard the words "we're going to have to cut this one apart". OMFG! With no zanex on board, I wept. With needles up my nose I wept A LOT. I didnt throw up. I took my mind to a place that could not destroy me for I had already suffered the worst. ( that will get me through ANYTHING for the rest of my natural life. CLIC
Temp is out, new prosthetic is in, I am sore but alive, and the dang sun is out! Life is good. I will sorely ( no pun intended) miss my dentist. I hope I find a new trustworthy doctor. That poor suffering family of his will not. I am a bit ashamed of myself. I am a big boob sometimes. Grunt. Where's Mr. Wizard when ya need him?
Pay no attention to the crooked smile. Its the dope. I'm snarling like Ginger! LOL No funny remarks either...like, "hey wheres your lipstick? Is THAT an Age spot girlie? U sure you dont want to try that bleaching zinger machine again?..... remember... "G" Unplugged:)


Vicki W said...

Holy smokes! Now that's a bad week!

Anonymous said...

One of our dentist friends died of the same thing at age 52. He came back from lunch and started working on a patient, said, "I don't feel good" and dropped dead. He was a HS classmate of Ed's. Always watched what he ate and was slim.
You just never know.
Hope you find a nice dentist that you like. Suzanne

Gretchen said...

I've been through two accounts that way. Not fun but less so for them and families. I hope you find a dentist you can be OK with. Nice smile!

Gretchen said...

Well dang, I meant accountants.

Anonymous said...

Life is so fragile eh? Good ponder food.

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