Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bullet Proof Vest Or????? Happy Birthday Daniel!

Walking weights?
Answer is....................Walking weights! I gotta get me one of these! Not that I dont have ENOUGH weight to carry around eh? My Sis has a goal. Lose all body fat before she vacations in the Bahamas this summer. Alrighty then... I would just like to lose some poundage to quilt easier! I have never seen one of these have you? It weighs a ton too!!! LOL I have to tell you that when she came out wearing this yesterday I nearly peed my pants laughing. Thoughts drifted to the day before in my OWN FRONT YARD 4 of Stocktons finest Police cars doing something near the condo next to me! I thought wow.. maybe I should get a bullet proof vest!
I SO WANT TO GO HOME!!! I hate this place. No matter how I try to bloom where I'm planted... THIS is beyond me.
Why cant I just win a little lottery ticket and take my friends ad family to the coast, buy a Smurf compound and live happily ever after? I'm just sayin!!!!

I'll take them with me K? Please??? Hear me sweet Universe of mine? Ask, believe, receive? I'm ON IT!!!

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!
Time keeps marching on and these grands of mine make me older Wiser!!!
Have a great Pizza Night Daniel!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Have one of those vests in my garage. Eric and Aaron use it to train for the summer of firefighting. They have so much weight in it that I can't carry it.

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