Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twists & Turns Of Fate

I'm taking a 10 break and Ive been pondering while packing. So I made some coffee...When I make coffee, I start laptop-ing, ( usually). I just take in the totality of the last 3 years and I am more shocked than if I was really watching a soap opera! THIS could never have been MY LIFE... had you asked me some years back. I wonder how close one should examine the hows and whys of it all and just be in the here and now. Sure, choices and decisions play a large roll, but look how many things are really out of your own control anyway?Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Do you think good can come from bad, eventually?  I personally think it would be oh so cool to be privy to the reasons beforehand. Then I wouldnt have to be so damn curious, right? Who knows what the future holds, but I am happy to know what I want remains constant. Darned few things I can say that I can grasp and KNOW that rope will be there.
Tears falling while packing the shop today. I cant put my finger on exact reason why, so I figured I'd just roll with it. I love my career, and its been hurt. Could be one.... Moving this so many times, things get owies. That could be another. Maybe its the journey that caused it.. From here to there and everything in between. No matter, another twist in the journey, another turn of fate. I also had a "moment" while at the book store. I would LOVE to say that I'm PMSing but we all know that aint happening right? lol I saw the MOST beautiful journal Ive ever seen in my life standing there saying, "pick me up, caress me, take me home!" It was old world,navy blue, leather bound with cording, fleur de lies on the cover, and made in Italy, and I was in love! I fondled it for awhile and rode the wave of recordings in my mind of journals past. I didnt bring it home. I decided to lust after it for awhile...LOL ( I really do make myself laugh somethimes). Who knows, I could be getting over tired. So... for a Thursday, its pretty darn wierdly good? Yes, good. I'm telling it to my heart.
Hey! Speaking of twists and turns... Here is a great tip should you happen to move your FOURTEEN FOOT Gammil Table and wish to protect your leaders.
The stretch tight that Home Depot sells.. Piece of cake to twist and turn it on all 3 leaders... no dirty mover hands, no removing pins...Nice, clean, tight, S.A.F.E.
 its the easiest part, trust me!

Thanks for the coffee break, boxes be calling me! :) Hasta Manana


Rian said...

I am not sure what I believe about the Universe and Cause and Effect anymore (hey you asked). I used to think everything happened for a reason, but now I am not so sure. Isn't that sad?

Anonymous said...

I hate that saying that everything happens for a reason. I don't know what I believe but I don't believe that one statement. Thanks for the leader wrap info!! Cool stuff!!!

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