Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So Long Mr.Wizard TaT

"The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where she is going."
David Starr Jordan

Of the 4 Doctors in 3 years, Mr Wizard has been the one to help me to think more efficiently, effectively. For that, I thank him. For improving my skills, yep, a big thank you. I will be packing up my pasty world globe, cleaning my wise lil owl, laminating my vision boards, and file foldering my homework to drag out whenever I need them. I think some 30 visits or so and I have learned a few new tricks! More importantly, I have realized the freedom of being the authentic ME. When I walked in to his office for the first time having seen others.. I decided I had nothing to lose. I needed some tools. I wasnt as smart as I thought I was. I had an attitude of here I am... unplugged, and it worked. I have spoken to many people and truly we ALL withhold information and put people on a "need to know" basis. This time, I did not.It was pretty easy actually once THAT decision was made. What have I learned? I suppose my best guess is that I have learned that I am human. I am imperfectly perfect for me. A beautiful pearl that is mine alone. I learned that I may never stop learning about me and others, and thats a good thing. I learned that in another life I may have made a pretty good Ms Wizard myself!! I can see it now! MS DEAR GINA, The coffee's on, come on in! So guess what? You're all stuck with me:)
I wonder what "Tell all Tuesdays" will hold next?
What a ride right? LOL


Rian said...

Yeah. What a ride. But it's a good ride, and it's getting better. Much.

Lindah said...

Good lessons. Best wishes in your move and your new life, Gina. I'm glad you can take your blog with you so I don't need to say goodby.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yep! Being human is a hard one to swallow! I remember when my therapist told me that one! It only took hearing it once to realize none of us is perfect and that we can't "fix" everything. I am so happy for you!! Keep us posted on all of your new found happiness!!

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