Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Times M&M's

Children Are The Living Messages We Send To A Time We Will Not See

John Whitehead

Wow... What a week! I am trying to keep my head attached! Again I say, You need a packer/mover? I am your go to girl!
The house is looking pretty hollow now, and the shop is next! One more Stitch n Bitch to go and I'm out of here! Last night in all of our box menagerie we managed to have one last dinner cooked and shared with good friends Heather,Kim n Kids (say that 3 times fast). I mad red chili, fideo, beans and tortillas. Walt played with the baby... whats up with that?
They both looked so happy what can ya say? I will so miss THIS part of life. They will have to venture over to the coast more often. Period.It's a better thing, trust me.
Our neighbors stopped in too. Sorry to see me leave, I smiled and nodded...
Avi and Karen are sick puppies. Avi got a fever last night and I had Karen at Urgent Care first thing this morning.I have no way to make soup!!! So currently I am packing, cleaning, blogging, drawing a map, and negotiating with trucks! A multi tasker woohoo!
Take care, I'll write more when I drop.

M & M's Include:

Good friends
Baby chuckles
help packing
Katy pery's new "move yer ass" CD!
Aviana's inquisitiveness
Warm tortila with butter and some red chili for breakfast! Oh Mama.....


Judy Whitehead said...

WHOAH!!!!!!! What????? You're packing and moving??? I am so lost.... My life goes haywire for a couple days and I get all confused!

Went back and read your earlier posts. My grands live in Canada (Ontario) and S. Carolina. I live in NC. Nope, can't have it all so I've learned to make the very MOST of every moment I can have.

Rian said...

I have a hunch you'll sleep good tonight.

We are going to come to the central coast in August/September for maybe 4 weeks (motorhome). Maybe we can finally meet. We'll "talk."

Anonymous said...

You REALLY sound happy!!! GOOD!!

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