Monday, February 7, 2011

M & M's

Is it still Monday? I know I'm late. Just home and I have a cold. I got THICK! I thought it was just vallergies, but its really a full blown head cold. GRUNT. I gots green tea ,warm pup across my feet, and a laptop. I'll be okay right? We had a good time ending with a picnic with Ma. Onward............
Other news My temporary bridge didnt go the distance. 4 days short of my mold for the permenant one! Yep yep yep... I feel look like Sloth! I'll be taking my Sloth self to the coast and get if fixed in a few days.
HEY!!! I took Heather to her very first crab feed and guess what? WE WON STUFF! I won a smoking hot red handbag with a zebra flower and some wine.. Heather won candles.. and a nice chicky won my dancer quilt. A great night. I enjoyed visiting Livermore. A quaint lil city, reminded me of Danville. I looked for Alex Anderson, but.. nope.. she didnt come to the crab feed?
I need to rest up. I have aq busy day as Heather and I will embark on yet another journey tomorrow! Did I tell you about The Pioneer Womans book signing in SF? Well, she and I (H) are going! Roadtrip!

M & M's include

Crab feeds!!
Good friends & family

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