Saturday, February 5, 2011

What You Doing Today?

The best exercise for the heart is to reach down and lift someone else up.

"Tim Russert".

It just occurred to me that I dont usually blog on Saturdays... hmmmm I wonder why not? I do the same coffee routine right? I'll ponder that.This morning I'm treating myself to some Kona beans fresh ground. Ummmm reminds me of Maui... oh.. reminds me of Maui... CLIC
So what are you doing? Making yummy super bowl menu items? Planning the perfect Valentines Day gifts? Housekeeping? I am making a plan now... Top of my list is to find a date for tonights crab feed in  Who wants to go? I am going to attempt grooming Ginger via YouTube. ( ssshhh dont tell her K), Laundry, cleaning and oiling Greta Gammil, and a little lap top quilting.. oh yes! QVC is going to be with me all day Company!:::thats disgustingly sad). I woke up with the sneezy sniffles.. I hope its allergies. Hope Hope.I have absolutley no patience for becomming sick.
Now... I would really rather be doing other things, like shopping! Yep yep yep... I want to do Costco and spend a perverse amout of Oh! Oh! I know! I wish to be in Arroyo Grande doing the same thing at Marshalls! I would buy a cartful of Valentines dresses! No wait! I would go right down the street here to my jeweler and pick up Pandora charms for all of my Valentines!!! GRUNT. ::sigh:: I think that would be so much fun dont you? Just choosing those charms for all that I LUB. Beats the hell out of a pajama gram wouldnt you agree? Speaking of.... WHAT women really want one of those pajama grams anyway??? Geez... might as well be a Snuggie. I get a tickle from these commercials though. I imagine all kinds of things! One of my favorites is "HE WENT TO JARED"S!!" Geez... Men, call me! I will take you to the nearest Pandora dealor K? Step away from the pajama gram!
 I have decided to become a frugal freak instead. I joined a site too.. really! I guess I dont want to talk about that since I am in need of retail therapy. Its probably because I missed Mr Wizard this week huh? Yep.. lets call it that. Did you people miss Tell All Tuesday? I knew that you would:) I kinda missed it too. My mistake in scheduling, I'm on it though!
I guess I better GET on it and GET busy. Happy weekend dear blog readers, LYG!

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Anonymous said...

"WHAT women really want one of those pajama grams anyway???"

me. just me.

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