Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Morning Juke Info

Now you KNOW about my wierd obsession with cars eh? Have you seen the new JUKE by Nissan?? Its like my Infiniti Squashed!!! It is so darn CUTE! I found one in PINK too!!!! ( one in barney purple too but it sucked)
So my morning distraction with coffee is the search for the perfect Juke:) It comes as low as 18K for a stick, or fully loaded SL for 35K!!! I personally think (after reading all consumer reports and the forums) that it beats the pants of the Mini Cooper. I think I need to drive it to make a final decision though... RIGHT??
I will keep my eye on this hottie for sure!
On the move news....
 I'm not sore, no I'm not.
I'm not excited, No, I'm not.
 ( cool lie).
The house is looking quite bare and tonight is the last supper stitch & bitch. I have plans to revive them on the coast ASAP. It's a need. Its helpful to know ones needs.
Tomorrow I will include in my lists of TO DO's 2 stops at cemetaries and one to my Sissys. It sorta feels like I'm wrapping up a chapter eh.... Hmmmm will ponder. Click.
For now, I'm off and running! Happy hump day dear blog readers:)


Mama Pea said...

I love that little car! So cute! And pink would be great!

Rian said...

That is really cute!

Anonymous said...

way too cute of a car!! I can picture you in it now!!! are wrapping up a chapter!! Next??????? Keep smiling!!

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