Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worry & TaT

"Worrying is using your imagination
to create something you don't want"
Abraham Hicks

It is in my subjective opinion that a person really can call to them what they FOCUS on. Good and bad.
Everything we want in life we can have through a trained brain. Its funny how I forget this from time to time and lose focus of my real juice.My real desires... passion. To control and direct the very focus of my brain. Direct it to happy places only.  Now I know stressers cause this to get weak, and sometimes even fall off a cliff. Pain, grief, pain...lol Changing the channels generally has always worked for me. I think I fell off a cliff. I'm climbing back up. See me? While I dig my nails into every rock I can find, I  forgot one thing. My focus. I'm all over it.
Mr. Wizard was most surprised at my news today. ( as is everyone else) Happily, mind you, but I saw worry on his face.  I can spot that a mile away. The above qoute works for me. I have had enough of it to last a lifetime and frankly my dears... I'm sick of it.
I dont bellieve turning to food or drugs to withstand the challenges within ones self. Its just that I too struggle and work hard at defeating painful things. Conflict. grief. whatever... Never more so in my entire life, than now.
Success= creating consistant pleasure (love, good)  Failure=finding the pain (bad, wrongs) to focus on. What you focus on is how you feel. How about if I focus on pleasure? Finding and rolling in pain just isnt working for me now is it?
Sometimes I think my brain is a computer and I may have a virus. Maybe I need to delete some chit. I will forever ask questions. Evaluate, analyze. Thats just how I roll. Could be I need better questions to ask. My Mother was so very wise and she didnt even know it. She constantly told me not to ask "why" so much. She always backed it up with Ask  HOW and you will find the answer, and fix it. ( she usually followed this up with a hand waving brush off,  and telling me that I had a wild imagination....true! )
My brain enjoys learning... but it seems to only love to learn what I have passion for.
Sorry for my Post Mr Wizard ramblings. Its a good thing. Worry is not.
I am going to go an focus on a pretty quilt. And maybe eat a cookie, I roll that way too:) ( boy do I ever)

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Anonymous said...

Do as I have learned...focus only on the positive!! It works most the time. I have also taken to using your "click"...works wonders!!! Thanks!! You are my inspiration...along with a few others!! Life isn't always easy or simple but it is what we got!! Might as well live it right?

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