Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought
 will never be able to change reality."
– Anwar al-Sadat

Second cuppa interesting thought don't you agree? Hmmmm I'm all over it! (as usual)
I woke up this morning with this mad craving for Rissoto with asparagus. Maybe some cream of asparagus soup? How about asparagus with Isralie couscous!!! I wonder if your body calls out for veggies like it does RED MEAT? Its true! I always know when I need a iron boost. Don't you? Hey! speaking of irons.......... I always get a tickle to read in a quilter blog the perils of finding the right iron. Boring yet important information to we quilters eh? Well, I get to talk about it now!!! I promise not to bore you though. I just think THIS warrants chat. Heres the back story: Ten years ago I bought a Rowenta pro. Last year it died. I replaced with inexpensive Sunbeam. Its just OKAY. I couldnt afford to replace my Rowenta yet.
Heres the front story: Walt had fun on QVC, was feeling romantic generous, and bought for me this AMAZING ( read Sarah word) New Rowenta PINK POINTY PRO! I think its officially called a steaminator or something? Boasting 1800 watts of mind blowing ( hand blowing!!) I'm seriously loving this iron! Mind you only binding has happened so far, so I would like to reserve my further reviews for when I attack a back or something K? Gettinginto miters, all collars and corners and inbetween buttons is going veryyyy nicelyyyyyyy!
Meanwhile, I better hush now as not to bore you as promised:) I am in hopes that THIS Rowenta will go 10 years too!
Ok, I'm up.. I'm going... I'm gone!


Anonymous said...

No matter how expensive the iron they all break when they fall off the ironing board. I just buy the cheap ones because I'm such a clutz.

Mama Pea said...

I bet you'll love that iron!

Anonymous said...

That particular model is made in Germany, so chances are it will be a wonderful iron for many, many years. My Rowenta Pro is seven years old, and so far, it's a gem.

Anonymous said...

I actually had the pleasure of using moms new iron on of her quilt backings(dont ask how I got involved in that one)....but yes, THE IRON IS AMAZING!

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