Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Dear GEEmails

So it was YOU PEOPLES that kept me up all night this time instead of just me! LOL
If there is a way, a possibility of loving perfect strangers, met only through text for a decade or more... then I really do love you!
First cuppa... hang with me, I gots cobwebs but I have stuff to share.
In 1996 I found the internet. I was Dear Gee then. I didnt blog but I found a voice elsewhere. It began a journey which led me to the whole 7 chapters of my first book. ( never to be completed mind you). For reasons I cannot disclose I stopped writing altogether. It was around the time that I fractured my back and changed my life. Until I found the blog world, I didnt know that I missed writing with you peoples so much! I am telling you all of this because its happening again, and this time I think I will run with it. Dear Gee of course is Dear Gina. She was, is... for whatever reason I dont understand.. Dear somebody special to write to/with. Lets fast forward shall we?
Thanks Dear Blog Readers... I would like to always say THANK YOU for your support, prayer, friendship, encouragement, smiles, belly laughs, generousity.. all of it! But especially for this...........
Three emails came in yesterday for Dear Gina,not to answer some mind boggling problems that I love to help solve with you... but giving thanks TO ME! For thanking me for helping you when all this time I thought it was you helping me! It feels so very good to know that while walking through fire I can actually still "give". What a great feeling I tell you. I have always said that if my goofy ideas of channel changing, clicking, Colombo-ing, brain storming,recipes, quilting, pondering,, grief work, anything that I share with you FEEDS someone, then I feel FULL. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Thank you and I love hearing reading your feedback every single morning. Keep 'em coming and maybe someday I WILL finish the book!
Love Yer Guts!!!

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Mama Pea said...

That's fun. I love reading your blog. You ALWAYS make me laugh. I like how you tell it like it is. You better finish that book! :-)

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