Friday, February 4, 2011

Crab Feed Donation Quilt

OMGoodness someone take the damn camera away from me! I dont think I could take a decent photo if I had a pro over my shoulder!! My Phone camera stinks. My Oly is Broky, and Walt sent home my old favorite, and its THIS picture, so I guess you KNOW what that means? Yeh! Me too! I stink!

This queen is the first of 2 crab feed quilts for thier silent auction. My cousin Glenda ( better known as super Mom me thinks) is heading up the Feed for her Daughter Rileys dance Troupe. ( do ya spell it that way? ) Those STARS look like dancers on there right??? Anyway... Its in Livermore and I'm afraid that I wont make this one. Hopefully the next!
I am also in hopes of it fetching good monies for the charity. I know that the Epilepsy Foundation quilt always knocks my socks off with the proceeds. If ya ask me, the way to go on these is photo memory quilts. Pics of all the "players" of said group. THEY are always a 6 Hankie Win! Really, the sales are through the roof trying to win a pic of their childs mug on a quilt! Its a wonderful fundraiser peoples!
Okay, I'm burning the midnight oil with the next one:)
Love yer guts!

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Mama Pea said...

It's very pretty! Well done!!!

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